The WELL Project consists of a number of elements designed to deliver our intended outcomes:

1. Making the Most for Disadvantaged Pupils

2. Training and Retaining Teachers

3. Compelling Professional Development – Universal and Targeted Grant Offers

4. Enhancing Local Capacity

5. Wellbeing

6. External Evaluation of WELL Project

7. Cumbrian Award

1. ‘Making the Most for Disadvantaged Pupils’

We have delivered a sustained training programme, in partnership with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and their research School network. Focusing on the EEF’s guidance of ‘Putting Evidence to work’ and ‘The Effective Implementation Process’.

2. ‘Training and Retaining Teachers’

MADE – Making A Difference in Education 

The WELL Project is very proud to support MADE Conference. Our partners involved are equally committed to ensure that our valued educational professionals can access a sustained programme of high quality and inspirational Professional Development.

View the MADE 24 Conference Press Coverage

View the MADE 24 Conference Resources Padlet

3. ‘Compelling Professional Development’

Universal Grant Offer

Every school in West Cumberland has been invited to participate in WELL by adopting the EEF implementation process and applying this to identify a priority that is amenable to change.

Schools select a priority that falls within the EEF’s tiered model. (Teacher development, targeted interventions, or wider strategies) To support implementation schools, receive an annual grant from WELL, together with additional brokered support and access to learning collaborations and evidence expertise.

EEF tiered model

Implementation plan universal

Targeted Grant Offer

60% of disadvantaged pupils attend 23 of the schools in West Cumberland. These schools receive a targeted WELL grant offer and are applying EEF implementation process and principles to address an informed school priority which includes ambition for disadvantage pupils. These schools have been connected to ensure collaboration throughout the project and have access to coaching and support from the Education Research Alliance (ERA).

List of the participating schools

EEF guide to implementation

Implementation plan targeted offer schools

4. ‘Enhancing Local Capacity’

Our Education Research Alliance (ERA), under the direction of Ashfield Junior School, works with a range of evidence experts, including The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), Evidence Based Education (EBE),  Marc Rowland and our own local school leaders to build sustainable capacity in West Cumbria.

Click to view the Launch of the Education Research Alliance (ERA) Press Release

5. ‘Wellbeing’

WELL provides a range of funded programmes for our participating schools to build internal school capacity to support, wellbeing, resilience, inclusion and learning readiness of pupils.

This includes Youth Mental Health Training for school staff, specialist training in Emotionally Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) and school engagement action research.

View case studies and find out more

Visit Emotionally Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) website

WELL school engagement project evaluation

6. ‘External Evaluation of WELL Project’

The University of Nottingham, led by Professor Toby Greany are the independent evaluators of WELL Project and provide an annual report of the project’s approach. Read the Year 2 (2022 – 23) report, published in January 2024 below:

WELL Project Independent Evaluation Report Year 2 (2022 – 23)

7. ‘Cumbrian Award’

This ground- breaking, accredited award provides participating pupils with opportunities to develop the skills, behaviours and beliefs that will support them in their learning and career aspirations. It includes business and social enterprise challenge, adventure learning challenge and cultural education challenge. Cumbrian Award is unique. It is by Cumbria for Cumbria, creating a curriculum to which inspires our children and young people and supports our schools, partners and employers to work together to inspire and develop our children and young people.

WELL Pupil Premium Reflections

PP Feedback – General Feb 22