As part of  their ‘Social Impact Multiplied (SiX) programme’, Sellafield Ltd has committed more than £5.5m investment in the WELL Project, since it began in 2019.

Jamie Reed, Sellafield Ltd’s head of corporate affairs:

“It’s an exciting, inspirational project and will help us go further towards meeting our commitment in helping to build the Northern Powerhouse.”

“The WELL project will be an important step towards improving the educational attainment and life-chances of every west Cumbrian pupil.”

A commitment to research led evidence informed practice

WELL works closely with Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and their Research School Network.

Kate Horton, Regional Delivery Lead at the EEF:

“It’s great to see a commitment from local partners to support Cumbrian schools to use evidence-informed approaches to teaching and learning. We are delighted to support WELL and the Education Research Alliance’s focus on improving outcomes particularly for disadvantaged pupils. This is especially important at this time. We’re looking forward to this next phase in our longstanding relationship with WELL.”

Strategic partners

The WELL Board consists of our key strategic partners including, Schools, the Cumbria Careers Hub, Sellafield Ltd, NDA, Education Research Alliance (ERA), Public Health, Children’s Services, The Local Authority and The Department for Education:

Councillor Elaine Lynch – Cumberland Council:

“The WELL Project has made a big difference to the schools in West Cumberland over the last three years and helped to improve the outcomes for our children and young people which is of great importance to me as the Executive member for Education and SEND. We are committed to supporting WELL to build on the success to date.

One of the key aspects for me is the fact that educational research and the professional development of our educators play such an important role in the project. It is so important that schools look at and share good practice, not only in our own area but from across the country too and this is happening through WELL.  It plays a key role in bringing together national and local expertise to work together for the benefit of children and young people in our region.

I am also impressed with the focus on pastoral support. The ELSA and Youth Mental Health First Aid training for school-based staff that the project has delivered which has enabled schools to support pupil well-being. This supports one of our key Cumberland Council values, putting health and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.”